White Papers for Design Engineers and Engineering Management

  • Improving Liquid Handling Robot Throughput by means of Direct Path Planning and Obstacle AvoidanceBy

    In Liquid Handling Robots that are properly balanced, the gantry robot utilization reaches close to 100%, meaning the robot is almost always moving. In such a situation, improving the move times of the robot can lead to significant throughput enhancements. In systems were (one of) the process...
  • What to Consider When Selecting a Continuous Level Device – Part IIBy

    The second in a two-part series, this article explains the factors you need to consider when selecting a continuous level device for your storage or process vessel. The sections below describe types of available level sensors, how to consult a manufacturer for selection advice, and material...
  • Pivot Bearing Design GuideBy

    This design guide is written with both the first time user and the experienced engineer in mind, as they are frequently the same person when it comes to pivot bearings. Due to their unique nature, pivot bearings have many distinct performance features that must be accounted for when compared to...
  • Wire Abrasion ProtectionBy

    When wires and cable harnesses exit from sheet metal architecture, they are often routed over and through sheet metal panel edges. Over time, there is potential for abrasion and failure as the wire insulation comes into contact with the sharp metal edges and begins to chafe. The...
  • Items to Consider when Choosing Shaft Misalignment CouplingsBy

    A detailed guide to selecting the best shaft to shaft misalignment coupler to meet your application. the white paper includes photos of most types of couplers as well as descriptions and performance aspects
  • A Practical Guide to DC Brushless ImplementationBy

    A common error when considering BLDC as the motor/drive combination for equipment is not addressing the system as a whole.
  • Guidelines for Selecting ValvesBy

    There is much to consider when choosing the right valves for an application. Here are some basics, important considerations, and guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Enhancing performance with pressure sensorsBy

    Pressure transducers have become an invaluable tool for the protection and optimisation of industrial equipment, converting fluid pressure into variable electrical signals that can monitor and control a system.
  • Smart Motion Cheat SheetBy

    Learn how you, as a systems designer, can leverage the three elements of Brains, Muscle, and Load to maximize the efficiency of a given smart motion system. Complete with motor sizing and selection flowcharts as well as key motion relationship charts, and many more. Smart Motion Systems are...