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  • 10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing Automation Equipment By

    Purchasing automation equipment is a tricky endeavor that involves a significant amount of forethought and planning in addition to a good deal follow-up. Missing a step in the planning process can result in receiving a piece of equipment that is too large for a given space, or one that is... Read more
  • Smart Motion Cheat Sheet By

    Learn how you, as a systems designer, can leverage the three elements of Brains, Muscle, and Load to maximize the efficiency of a given smart motion system. Complete with motor sizing and selection flowcharts as well as key motion relationship charts, and many more. Smart Motion Systems are... Read more
  • How to Select the Optimum Brush Commutated DC Motor By

    Acquire the knowledge necessary to select the most appropriate brush commutated DC motor based on the unique requirements of a given task. The selection of an appropriate brush-commutated DC Motor requires the consideration of a multitude of factors. Elements that must be taken into account... Read more
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